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Wai Dan - External Alchemy

the Art of Transforming Matter

Alchemy is the art of Transformation. Going from Matter to Light, from Body to Spirit, from the Mundane to the Devine.

An Alchemist follows a spiritual path in which his practice is based on doing rather than knowing. He seeks the Stone, or "Philosopher's Stone" in which Light is condensed becoming an absolute Yang. This Absolute Yang can be used for Inner Alchemy.

In addition to seeking the Philosopher's Stone, which is a long process, our Taoist Practice of External Alchemy is also based on the making of many Elixirs, defined as the "64 Recipes for Realization", which nourish our deep evolution but are also very accessible and convenient to produce in our daily lives: 

 In External Alchemy there are two ways for a practitioner to experiment on the transformation of matter: The Mineral Way, which is the transformation of metals or the Vegetal Way which is the work on plants. Both can be done in our kitchen with minimal equipment. This will allow you to produce, with simple methods and tools, potent elixirs for health, vitality and longevity. It will also support your spiritual practice into your own realization.

Going from External Alchemy to Inner Alchemy:

By observing mutations on tangible matter within a genuine practice, one can actually see the process of their inner evolution, i.e. the transformation affecting their Energy, Body and Mind.

Living the external alchemical process gives you a better understanding of The Way. Because their similarities in major steps of transformation give keys to better perceive the essence of a personal quest and self-realization.

Furthermore, each ingredient of the external alchemic practice is related to an aspect of our humanity, for instance, both go through the steps of calcination, purification and sublimation.

Therefore, External Alchemy affects the person’s Internal transformation: by performing this work on matter, the transformation will also occur on the corresponding inner aspects of this person, leading them into the light of the Absolute. Although the finality may be a long path, the process itself is extremely beneficial in that, the external practice becomes a mirror of one’s inner state.

With this concrete process happening before your eyes, it is much harder to lie to  yourself about your personal evolution.

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