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Practices of the Mind

Shen Gong is the work on the mind.

The training of the Mind is essential for anyone wishing to truly know themselves and better understand the world.

As the mind is our tool to grasp reality, it needs to be calmed, clarified and open to fully perceive the world. 



Shen Gong, is a traditional set of exercises developed to understand the way our mind works.

Since we can only work on what we know, it is crucial to become accustomed to and understand what is in our mind.

We will quickly see, through some simple exercises,

the constant mess and noise in our mind, independently of our will!  

There is no way you can force your mind into quietness!

The only way is to tame it.

And for this, the main weapon developed and trained in Shen Gong is ATTENTION. 

This rare quality is valuable for all the other practices but also simply to be in the moment.

Attention is what keeps us from falling into our mental and emotional traps.


Meditation, on the other hand, is not an exercise, but a state. 

There is nothing to seek.

One is simply in the moment, reuniting with our true self which is always here,

but so often stifled by our emotional outbursts and our compulsive comments. 

This free state of mediation cannot be experienced without first knowing and educating the mind through the more structured exercises of Shen Gong. 

Shen Gong Formal Training

Training of the mind, Deep meditation and the opening of the Spiritual Centre.
The Practice of the mind for the pursuit of Happiness and Self-realization through the clear vision of reality.
This formal teaching is Daxuan’s traditional method to profound enlightment.

It is a comprehensive education available to everyone.

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