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SHEN DAN: Tranquil Sitting

The spiritual transformation of the mind.

Here is our traditional synthetized vision of the mind:  It relies on the principle that there are three minds.

1-First there is who we think we are, which is none other than our ego.

It is the little character or the inner judge which relentlessly talks.

It is this voice that we hear before speaking, but which also tells us things, inside our head, that we say out loud.

The one we think we are is purely our mental mind, and thus is really different from who we really are.

This inner little judge will often parasite our ability to think clearly since it is always moving.

2-The second mind is who we really and deeply are.

It is linked to the unconscious and deeper aspects of our mind and is, by far, the closest to our true nature.

This deep mind, who we really are, is a state of the mind which does not consider the realities of the world.

It means we cannot be functional when we are in this unconscious or semi-conscious state.

3-The third mind is who we pretend to be.


This we are terribly aware of, that’s why we won’t say much about it!

It is all the characters that we pretend to be or that we play depending on the environment and people we interact with. 

The balance of our mind comes from the balance between these three parts.

In order to do so, you first need to make the third mind (the masks) disappear as much as possible.

Secondly, you need to clarify your thoughts so that the one you think you are, your mental mind, can work without disturbing you.

Finally, it is important, in order to be fully happy, to keep a daily connection with the one you really are, through meditation, breathing or even physical exercises. 

Achievement is finding Peace in the relationship between these three aspects of our Nature.

The formal teaching of Shen Dan offers a way to connect and balance the three aspects of the mind through a spiritual training.

We Teach two aspects of the Tranquil Sitting:

"Internal Contemplation" and "Sitting and Forgetting"

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