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The move animated by the Breath

Nei Gong or “Internal Work” can only become concrete once the student has assimilated the basics of Wai Gong. Only then do the moves no longer require vigilance to be done correctly: Once the physical motion has been trained and understood, you will be able to shift your attention to the sensation and the breathing.

A conscious perception of the body moving in space, and the synchronism of movement and breath, will multiply the beneficial effects of the practice on your health and on the global circulation in the body. It will also bring you to a stage where you can open yourself, while moving, to the finer perceptions that allow real energetic exchange with the world. 

Formal Transmission of the DaXuan School NEI GONG

This particular teaching comes directly from the Zhang Clan, the Clan of Zhang Jiao, whose practices can be traced back to the year 170.
This is the foundation of our tradition for training the body and producing Qi.
The formal transmission of the Da Xuan School Nei Gong relies on all the teachings of Inner Alchemy, but here expressed in movement. These practices will therefore nourish our healing methods, our fighting arts, our vitality, but also and above all they will be an important preparation to conscious death.

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