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Lucid Dreaming Practice

If the daily Practice on the body, breath and mind develops our consciousness, the dream practice seeks to extend this consciousness during our sleep. How sad to fall into a black hole at night when the day was spent trying to remain present to ourselves and to the world! The Way leads us to seek awareness throughout our life: the practice of lucid dreaming is a way to stay conscious during sleep.


Dream practices are ancient, but the possibility of consciousness during sleep was only recognized scientifically in the 80s.

The first evidence of the existence of lucid dreaming was produced, on April 12, 1975 by Keith Hearne at the Hull University in Great-Britain. Alan Worsley, the subject of the experiment, signaled his awareness in the dream by an eye-movement code previously agreed on. These signals were recorded during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. It was shown that one could be aware in the midst of sleep.
It has also been proven that dreams are essential in our learning process, as well as in dealing with our emotions. 

Dreams allow us to digest our life experiences and learn from them.

If dreams bring messages, we can deduce that when experienced consciously, they can greatly enlighten our personal evolution.

Digesting our emotions:


A dream is the digestion, by our mind, of the huge amount of information and emotions experienced every single day; thanks to this, we can wake up in a neutral emotional state. Dreams consists of 80% of the perceptions and events of the past day; our mind, to satisfy its need to understand and classify, tries to organize all the fragmented information collected and make a coherent story out of it. The remaining 20% ​​give the dream’s formal structure and symbols expressing our deeper problems.


A recurring dream is the sign of an experience that our mind could not digest. It is a message that we don’t understand; it is the expression of a blockage hindering our evolution. This dream will repeat itself, as long as we have not understood its message, because we are all inhabited by the deep desire to evolve.

A nightmare is a dream in which we are the victim; it is the expression of the suffering from the blockages impeding us. The original purpose of the nightmare is related to childhood and meant to help us adjust to the aspects of our life that seem incoherent and which create anxiety.

Hence the importance of dreams and practicing them with awareness, for a balanced emotional life. If our emotions are not completely digested during the night, we wake up in the morning with an emotional layer which, will become a mood-humor if it is regularly fueled with the same emotion. A humor is a densified emotion, constantly present, that doesn’t need to be triggered by an external event or a thought, as it usually is the case regarding normal emotions. These humors are directly responsible for many diseases, as the Treaty of the Yellow Emperor states: “Undigested emotions are the primary source of disease.”


The Daxuan Dreaming Practice:

Through the practice of dreaming,  we will work on the mind's digestion process to make it more fluid, which first implies to eliminate the superficial “wastes” from our mundane activities, allowing us to see the key messages to our evolution more clearly. The dream is also a crucial time for regeneration: it allows us to go back to the Yuan Shen, the absolute, and nourish ourselves with this universal energy.

We can identify three phases of sleep during which dreams are possible:

- Falling asleep
- REM sleep
- Deep sleep


The falling asleep and the deep sleep are the phases in which consciousness is the hardest to keep. 

Therefore, we are primarily interested in REM sleep, during which dreams can be experiences in three different ways:

1- The Unconscious Dream, in which we are absolutely passive and suffer the scenario that our mind produces, based on the perceptions and emotions of our day, with the underlying fabric of our deeper problems.
2- The Guided Dream, in which we are partly conscious, that is to say that we can influence aspects of the dream without being able to control it fully; this intermediate zone, is particularly interesting since it is the point of contact between the unconscious and the lucid dreaming.
3- The Lucid Dream: Here we are completely free to influence any aspect of our dream. Being released from our body, we can achieve practices and journeys that would be impossible in material reality.

This practice will induce a change in the issues manifested in your dreams. They will go from mundane, egotistic matters to deep troubles and fears. This evolution toward your truth develops your feeling and connection to the Absolute.

Daxuan Lucid dream teachings:

The practice follows a  progression based on the Three Tresures (Body, Qi and Shen) starting with the body and focusing on the object of the dream. Then  training the Qi in relation to emotions and finally training the mind.

By applying daily principles and rules in preparing for the night, you will digest your emotions faster and easier,  thus giving space for the actual dream practice.
Our school uses specific exercises to wake up and act in dreams. Being freed from the limitations of the body, every practice done during the dream will allow you to significantly open your limits and go straight into the dissolution of your blockages.


Now that you know Lucid Dreaming is a proven fact, you just need to train the qualities of a "good dreamer" and live a second your dreams!!!

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